Moose and the socks

Okay, so, I'm kind of stalling here since I have no knitting progress to report. ;) So instead, I shall regale you with Tales of the Moose...


Last night that little cat had me in hysterics. By the time I got home from work, my husband was already there (usually I beat him home). He was kind of grinning and told me that there was "something" on the dining room floor. I immediately thought by his mysterious tone that it might be something yucky like a dead mouse, or, possibly something else that Moose had broken (he's quite the destructive cat these days). Once I asked those two questions and was reassured that it was neither, I ventured into the dining room.

What I found to my amusement was one of my trouser socks that had formerly been hanging on the drying rack upstairs in the guest room. Ha! Turns out Moose is quite a sock thief, we learned last night. So I took the sock back upstairs and hung it back on the drying rack.

Then a little while later, we went out to run a couple of errands, and when we returned, the/a trouser sock was back downstairs, this time on the ottoman in the family room! This of course made me doubt my own sanity...did I put it back upstairs or not? But I was quite certain that I had so I went up to confirm, there was indeed only one the drying rack. huh!

So then later on in the evening, we were watching Lost on Tivo, and suddenly out of the corner of my eye I notice Moose trotting into the room...and he had something in his mouth. I looked closer and discovered it was John's ski sock! (This too had been hanging on the drying rack.) I dissolved into giggles, John paused the show, and just sat there while I laughed at Moose. (I am a giggly sort...can't stop when something sets me off.)

When I finally settled down and could breathe again, we resumed watching our show. But a mere few minutes later, Moose, who had disappeared for a moment, again comes trotting into the room, this time with one of my ski socks hanging out of his mouth! He placed this one next to the first one, near the coffee table. This time I lost it for a good five minutes, giggling at the cat. He'd apparently been raiding the drying rack. heh. He's crazy. John did "praise" him for bringing us these lovely gifts, although he then mock-complained that Moose was disrupting our TV show because I kept laughing and making him pause it at the most suspenseful parts. (Well, you can't pause the Moose, had to pause the show instead!) One of the cutest things about this was how Moose was walking...both times he had the sock with the middle of it in his mouth so it was sort of folded, and even still it was a bit too long so he was walking funny with his front legs sort of swinging out to the sides so he wouldn't trip over his cargo, and he was walking rather quickly too. hee. Too funny. So that's a grand total of FOUR socks he brought downstairs in one evening!
That photo of him above is where he plopped down after bringing us his treasures...I wish I could have gotten a photo of him in action but there was a slim chance of that happening (especially since I wouldn't have been able to hold the camera steady for all my giggling).

Later when I went up to read in bed a bit, I heard noises coming from the guest room...and I knew it was Moose in there, removing more clothes from the drying rack. I went to investigate and found several items on the floor. He does this a lot. Nothing is safe.

Even the mantle in the living room is now someplace he can get to...he's knocked several items off of there (thankfully nothing that I was particularly attached to...my friend calls Moose "God's answer to decluttering", heh). I also frequently use the newel post at the bottom of the stairs to put little things on that need to go upstairs which I don't feel like taking up right then, and which I don't want Moose to get ahold of (you can see the newel post in this picture, the thing the scarf is hanging on) and he's even managed to knock stuff off of there too. Last night I'd put my book up there to take up later, and a little while later I heard a noise and he was on the stairs, looking innocent and the book was on the floor. Crazy cat!!

I'm sure I'll be back soon with some actual knitting content, but I'm still pretty into reading my book, so not a lot of knitting is getting done.

Hopefully you enjoyed my Moose Tale and it didn't come across as a boring cat-related story but that it was at least a little bit as funny as it was last night! :)


Anonymous said...

I loved your story! Course, I just love Moose! Crazy cat!

gypsyknits said...

"God's answer to decluttering", LOL....that Moose is too funny.
Can you imagine what Moose and Mr. Bettis would do to a home?

Too Little Time said...

I love things soft, fuzzy and cute. My Kitty Kat loves my skeins of yarn. He waits till night and than carries them around, meowing like he's some great mouse killer. =) Karrie

peaknits said...

Too funny about your kitty! My kitty messes up the laundry and drags my sweaters around if I leave them out or does unmentionable things with stuff animals - they are quite entertaining!