Staying put

Thanks to all who have voiced their opinions on the Blogger vs. WordPress issue!  I appreciate the comments.  However, I think for now I am going to stay put here at blogger.  Even though I like the comment-email feature, blog stats and ability to create separate pages over at WordPress, I think to make matters easier I will stay here for now.  One thing I do like about Blogger is the ability to use email to create posts.  Now that I know how to do it, it might help make me post a little more often!  ;o)
So, moving on!
This is another non-knitting post, I'm afraid.  I didn't do much knitting over the weekend because we were super busy with house chores.  Saturday--all day--was spent mulching our flowerbeds.  Boy was THAT a lot of work!!  We have quite a few flowerbeds, apparently!!  I am still achy from that.  Yesterday was spent cleaning the house and preparing for an impromptu informal dinner party so that too was shot for knitting and relaxing time.  Oh well. 
The weather was gorgeous though and our tulips came out during the day while we were out mulching!  It was neat to almost watch their progress every time I came around the house to where they were.  We mulched that flowerbed and I found some stones in the corner of the back yarn with which I made a nice little edging to my flowerbed.  I'll post a photo soon.  We even got to eat outside both Friday and Saturday nights and that is one of my favorite things to do when the weather's nice.
Knitting-wise I worked a little on my Pink Flamingo sock #2 and I also managed to get up to the attic and dig out my fiberfill stuffing and black felt for the bear nose so I can continue to work on my Brown Bear (Whidbey).  I finished all of the knitting portion so now it's down to sewing and stuffing!
Hopefully I'll be back soon with some more knitting content!


peaknits said...

I had a great weekend of getting yardwork and heavy spring cleaning done too - sometimes we must stash the knitting in favor of having a presentable house and yard:) (which is all the better to knit in, right? hee hee)

Nell said...

Mulching is a lot of work. But don't you feel better now that you're done. I wish I was as good as Peaknit, I need to Spring Clean like no other!

Knitting Kris said...

Ah, spring house and garden preparations - they do take some time and work, but don't you feel so accomplished afterwards?
The knitting can always be picked up after a long day of working outdoors, but honestly, then I just usually pass out on the couch! :)