Yeah, I know.  Original title, huh?  A knitting blog about yarn.  heh.  ;o)
I just placed an order at Blue Moon Fiber Arts...whee!  I had SUCH a hard time deciding what colors to get.  I love so many of them!  Some are not "me" but so many are that it was nearly impossible making a decision.  Especially since I am not a very decisive person!  I got three skeins, two just for some fun socks and one for something else.  I can't wait to see them in person! 
See, I know I mentioned starting that Print O' The Wave Stole, and I will soon, I promise, but I'm actually still waiting for the needles I ordered.  Plus, I have this other reasonably quick project in mind that I want to start as soon as I get the yarn because it's going to be a functional item for a big trip we have coming up in July.  I'm making a purse!  See, for travel (and many other times as well) I really like the style of purse where it is a smallish, flat bag that has a long enough strap you can put it across your body/over your head so that your hands are free.  This is of course ideal for a trip.  I have a small bag like this which I like, but wanted to make one myself, and by doing so, I can improve on the design of the other one.  (Plus, I am a bag person and simply can't have enough bags!!)  I have grand plans in my head for this one and I promise to share them with you when I get started.
In the meantime, some links!  Okay, so, I was thinking about the type of pattern I wanted, and am going to swatch both a woven stitch and also the stitch pattern from a scarf called "My So Called Scarf."  I decided I wanted a fun, colorful, variegated yarn for this and that led me right to BMFA Socks That Rock...I figured, why not?  So many colors to choose from, and I decided to get their Socks That Rock Heavyweight yarn for this.  Sock yarn will definitely make a sturdy bag, especially if I knit it with small needles. 
I plan to line the bag too, and use some strapping stuff to reinforce the strap of the bag.  There will be a nice secure zipper on the top (main part), a slip-in pocket inside, and a nice zippered pocket on the outside.
What color, you might wonder?  After MUCH deliberation I ended up getting Peaseblossom with which to make the bag.  I wanted something light and summery that will go with most things I wear.  I think it'll look neat in either one of those stitch patterns, I can't wait to swatch!
And because I couldn't pass up this opportunity to get a couple of other colors just for socks, I picked up two skeins of STR lightweight in Pink Granite (because I think it's pretty AND practical!) and Fire on the Mountain.  That last one I've been drooling over forever and can't wait to see how fun and colorful those socks will be!
That's it from here for now!  Now I'm just going to be hounding the postal service for my yarn and needles.  ;o)


Knitting Kris said...

Oh, how I love STR, let me count the ways! I can't wait to see your purse.
BTW - I love the bear. It just takes so long on our PC to download all those pictures (dial-up yet).
Are you a member of the RSC?

peaknits said...

OOh such pretty selections - I really love the Pink Granite! Have a great weekend!

Nell said...

I'm sooooooo living vicariously through you. Don't ask how many skeins of STR are in my cart at the moment.

Peaseblossom will be perfect for a summery purse.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds so lovely. Can't wait to see the pictures!

gypsyknits said...

OH, you're gonna love Pink Granite and Fire on the Mountain. I am waiting for my next STR order to arrive. 3 more skeins are enroute! YEAH! I can't wait to see what you knit with all of it.
The bear is quite cute:)