Brown Bear

I finished my little brown bear! This project required a lot of assembly after the knitting portion was done. But it was fun, and I'm quite pleased with the results. I think I got his arms and legs on a little too far forward, but he's still cute. I learned quite a bit making this!

The pattern, as I've said before, is well written. And the bear is made entirely from scratch...you knit the pieces, and then use a combination of buttons and thread to put it all together. It's pretty cool.

So here goes. Here are all the pieces laid out ready to be assembled (oh and please excuse the less than stellar photos...it's hard to get good pictures of dark brown yarn!):


First you sew the front and back together and then stuff it. I used the little markers to remind myself which was the front of the bear.


Then you use clever techniques with needle and thread to draw in the neck and muzzle, to give him some definition and shape:



After that you make him a little nose out of black felt:


And then you stitch it on:


He's starting to look like a bear!


Then he gets his button eyes:


And arms and legs are stitched up and stuffed, and he's ready to be assembled, using buttons buried inside to make his arms and legs jointed.


And here he is, all done!



I think he's kinda cute. As I say, I think I got his arms and legs a little too far front (this was a learning experience!) but he's got personality. :o)


Anonymous said...

Oh my golly --- he is BEYOND adorable. Such an inquisitive little face!

peaknits said...

How fun to have a chance to watch his little personality emerge:) He is darling - bravo!

Lynn said...

That nose. I swear it's all in the nose. He's adorable!!

Too Little Time said...

He is absolutely adorable!! Great Job - K

Nell said...

He is SO CUTE!!!! I have to agree with Peaknit, I loved watching his spirit emerge.

Heather said...

Oh, I love him!