Finally some photos

Okay, I'm finally back with photos! I was planning on doing this all in one post, but I think that might be a bit overwhelming, so I'm going to split it up. Especially since it's all different topics anyway.

First up...more flowers! We planted these bulbs last fall, and they came up nicely (although all the leaves flopped over). I forget what they're called...somewhere I have the little tag from the package. Anyway, they look neat next to our garage.

purple flowers

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Remember a while back I mentioned my white cat, Pamuk? And I showed you here that we'd made a stepping stone for the spot where he's buried in the yard. Well, last fall or so our niece was having a fundraiser for school where she was selling various things, so we bought some flower bulbs. We didn't get the bulbs until it was too wintry to plant them, so we stored them in the fridge for the winter and planted them this spring, just sort of hoping for the best.

Well, surprise of surprises, something actually came up! The only one that came up was a tulip right by Pamuk's stone, so we called it Pamuk's flower.

Pamuk's flower

Since then some daffodils have come up, so we were rather pleased with the bulbs after all!

Okay, more cat photos...after a recent trip to Costco where we picked up a random box to tote home our goodies, someone found the box:

Moose in a box of beans

And I love this one...I SO gotta come up with a caption and submit it to icanhascheezburger.com!

Not for use in salads

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Okay. Back to the crafty side of things...although not knitting just yet. In my last post I mentioned a cross stitch design that had caught my eye. Here is the photo from the magazine:

paisley pattern in magazine

And here is my progress thus far:

paisley cross stitch


As I mentioned before, I am using waste canvas so that I can do the cross stitch design on something other than actual cross stitch Aida fabric. It's a fun design to stitch...I love the colors, and there are beads, too!

Back soon with photos of yarn and knitting!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, beads. I just LOVE beads!

Love the picture of Moose-in-the-box. Looks like he is checking out what's for dinner.

Nell said...

How come not matter what toy I buy them, they always like the box better???