Blue scarf

Since I have finally gotten my list of In Process Projects under control, (and I was slightly bored working on sock #2), I decided to start a new project. Actually, this is mainly because I was finally able to find the right amount of two particular yarns and colors (and enough of each) that are needed for a particular item that I had spotted a while back in a catalog and thought might be nice to make. It's just so pretty...and a color that is not often found on my needles, so it's very refreshing to me. It is a scarf that is featured in the Lion Brand catalog, and it is a pattern you can buy (it is also offered as a kit).

Here is a link to the pattern which has a picture (just a few typos on that page! ...can't...stop...myself...) and here's a picture of it:

L.B. Northern Lights WrapLion Brand Northern Lights Wrap
(click on photo to see larger image)

I decided that I really didn't need to purchase the pattern in order to make something that looks a lot like it--it's really a very simple pattern of stockinette stitch bordered by garter stitch to keep it from rolling. I think mine will be a bit narrower than the pattern calls for (that was intentional; I didn't want it to be huge and wide) and I have managed to figure out how to make it essentially the same as the one in the picture. You use two different yarns held together throughout, and actually, one of the yarns is made up of two different strands itself, so it's really three very different yarns all together. It's really fun yarn, a little tricky to work with, but fuzzy and quite delightful!

Here are the two yarns as they appear by themselves (the first one is Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair, in "Glacier Bay", and the second one is Lion Brand Trellis, in "Ocean"):

Though the Trellis has more brighter blues than the Moonlight Mohair, the two yarns complement each other very nicely. The Moonlight Mohair is the one that's comprised of two yarns--though it's hard to tell in the picture, it has a strand of a variegated blue mohair (which creates a subtle color shift throughout the knitting), and then a strand of a somewhat sparkly yarn that really makes it quite fun. So far I love the way the scarf is knitting up, and it's a great TV project to work on while catching up on my soap!

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