Dressy sweater wanna-be

Well, so much for that. I really really want to make the Sitcom Chic sweater from Knitty but cannot seem to get my hands on the yarn called for in the pattern, which I like a lot. It calls for Lion Brand Cotton-Ease yarn. So off I went, hitting up all of the local stores that carry Lion Brand yarn. This included two Michaels, A.C. Moore, and a new JoAnn's. Humph. I believe I have now exhausted all of my local resources for this stuff, and looked it up online. The website charges a lot more for it, so now I am just not sure what to do.

The other part of my quandary is some yarn I did get, but which I cannot seem to find a pattern to match. It is Patons Brilliant in Black Dazzle. It's very nice, has a fun sparkle to it. I thought it would make a really fun dressy sweater thingy for wearing out on a summer evening. I have tried searching online for cute sweater patterns and have found some nice ones but the gauge is way off. But I just can't seem to make the gauge work in my favor, and I hate to go up too many sizes of needles for fear that it would end up too thin. So now my thought is to find a thin black yarn to carry along with the sparkly stuff. If I can find something appropriate I might be able to make the gauge work for that yarn and the Sitcom Chic pattern. So here's to hoping.

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