Just saying Hi

Hi. Haven't got much to report at the moment, but thought I'd post a note anyway.

I was just fiddling around with my template and added some stuff on the right. I added a list of completed projects with links to pictures of them. I'd also seen that nifty progress bar thingy on someone else's knitting blog and thanks to a kind soul on the knitty forums I now have the code for here. :) Very fun.

Knitting is progressing slowly. I did finish the odd little "bag" for my car, which worked out well but isn't worth posting a photo of! Other than that I am alternating between my fuzzy blue scarf and sock #2. They are quite different animals...one is worked on size 11 needles with two yarns held together, all fuzzy and pesky, and the other is on size 3 DPNs with sock yarn! So whatever suits my mood is what I end up picking up.

Okay, my apologies for the boring post. Have been starting to wander around the Knitty Coffeeshop forums, which is fun. Still need to figure out how it all works, but I made my first post, to say thank you for the progress bar code. The internet is an amazing and fun thing!

Until later then...

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