Odds 'n' Ends

I guess I have been a little behind on my knitting lately. It's been so warm and there are other things to be done around home that I just haven't been doing as much knitting. But I am still plugging away at the blue scarf which I am enjoying working on.

I had come up with an odd little idea of something to make, nothing exciting, but I think it will be useful. In my car, there is a little "table" in the middle of the two front seats. It is a bit hard to describe, but it is hinged on one side and folds down to get out of the way, or can be pulled up to create this "table". It has two cup holders in it and a couple of shallow cubbies. On the two front corners of it are two mysterious hooks whose real purpose I am unsure of. This little table is not high off the ground so hanging things like a bag for trash wouldn't really work. But I came up with an idea to make a little bag that's not very tall, to hang from these hooks. I will make a small basic flat bag with two squares, and then loops on the two top corners to hang on the hooks. I though I could use it as extra storage for things like tissues or my cell phone charger, since the little cubbies in the car are kind of full. I started it last night and am making it in dark blue cotton yarn so that it will blend in and not be obvious. We'll see how that comes out.

The other thing I am about to start making is something I saw a pattern for on knitty.com. It is a bath puff! Here is a link to the pattern. It is supposed to be made from nylon ribbon yarn so that it will dry quickly. I investigated the yarn that the pattern calls for and that seems to be hard to find and pricey. So yesterday when I was in Michael's, I found some colorful, nylon ribbon yarn that might work. It's not the same, no where near as wide I don't think, but it just might work. The yarn I found is Lion Brand Incredible, and the color I chose is called Carnival. Here's a sample of it:

Sample of IncredibleLion Brand Incredible, in "Carnival"

I will be back with updates and hopefully this funny little project will work out okay!

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