Sparkly black sweater

Well, the completion of the bath puff came at a good time, as I have now started something else new. This project is going to be my highest priority for now since it is something that I could wear now, rather than the fuzzy warm things like scarves and socks that are also on my needles.

My continued searching for the right yarn to make the Sitcom Chic sweater finally paid off and the Lion Brand MicroSpun paired together with the Patons Brilliant works great! I am getting just the right gauge and so far so good. Yay. (I was thinking of adding a couple of swatch photos here but realized that pictures of black yarn aren't that exciting or necessary. But suffice it to say they are playing nicely together and I love the effect.)

I am only about 2 inches into the bottom of it, but the good news is the back and two sides of the front are worked all as one piece. So far it is going very well, although the yarn took a little getting used to. It requires some care as both yarns that are being used are prone to splitting which then leaves little unsightly pulls. So I am trying to be careful with that.

This project is coming along on the family camping trip this month--and I can't wait!

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