1. Well, my first Inside Out Rockin' Sock is moving along at a fairly slow pace. I know I've said it before, but it's really true...it's so very difficult to knit with a kitten in the house. I swear he just knows when I pick up my knitting even if he's in the other room. So between fending him off and keeping my DPNs under control, my progress is kinda slow. But that's okay.

2. I am trying to determine exactly when to stop knitting the foot and start the heel. I have never done toe-up socks so this part is a bit of a mystery. I keep holding it up to another pair of socks and then trying it on and it seems like I'm never going to get there. It looks like it's getting to be a freakishly long foot until I try it on. This is why I never have SSS...I like doing the second one because all of these sorts of details are already ironed out and I just have to knit until a known number of rows. This appeals to my sense of order and organization.

3. Anyone wear an 8 1/2 shoe? How many rows did you do on the foot? I'm using 1's on the toe, and 0's on the foot. From what I've been reading, I'll probably use 2's when I get to the leg.

4. I have a question about "pooling" versus "flashing". I hear these two terms thrown about and I don't understand the difference. Can anyone explain this to me? I know my pink and purple socks are guilty of one or the other of these terms, but I don't know which. I like to be informed about these sorts of things. (I'm one of those people who heads for the dictionary if I encounter a word I don't know. Somehow I don't think Webster's is going to help me on this one though.)

5. I don't like my blog name. "CarrieKnitting" is so boring and kinda uninspired. There are so many clever blog names out there, and I wish I had thought of one before I started this thing. But then again, I never really thought I'd ever have any readers, so I just threw it up there. So, my question is this: is it too late to change the name? Would that confuse any readers I do have? I'd keep the url of course, and the look, but maybe just change the name at the top. Dunno. Sometimes I don't feel very clever or witty.

6. I know I mentioned I'd have a 100 things list to put up soon. I am working on this, really, in case anyone cares. :)

7. And speaking of which, being fairly new to this blog thing, I am curious about those "memes". First off, how's that pronounced? Is it "meem" or "me-me"? And, blog-etiquette-wise, are you allowed to tag yourself or must you be tagged by someone else? What if no one ever tags you?

And one more thing...


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Laura said...

Okay I think I have a few answers and I think I am right with you on some of the questions.
1.I can't help with the inside out sock cause I did not do the pattern, But go to the RSC blog and ask and you will get help.
2. Pooling is when it is just a bleeding of color and no striping, this is purely a matter of gauge, when knit smaller more likely to pool, when bigger strips. Don't know flashing maybe strips but not all the way around?
3. If you don't change your url you can change everthing else and we will still find you. You could do a total revamp lots of blogs do that some even change url's and just leave a link on old site. So don't worry we will follow.
4. I too would like to know what a meme is we will probally fiqure it out at some point. I think you can be tagged or maybe start your own. Now the 100 things I think has just become standard blog info on about pages, but I don't know for sure.
Is that it? Have I helped at all? Hey I just posted about the tofutsies yarn, It didn't smell but it sure did stink as yarn, I didn't have much nice to say. Sorry such a long comment. Have a good evening.