April Fool's Day

Happy April Fool's Day! Nope, no tricks here. But here's an article I found that tells of some real-life pranks that have been played through the ages.

Funny side note: I just went to get that first link from Wikipedia and there's this banner across the top:

And now back to some knitting. So, I'm in the process of turning my first short row heel on my first Inside Out sock. So far so good! I think this is going smoother than the toe did.

I just tried it on and I think it's going to fit me! Yay. That was one of my fears with this, since I had no idea where to stop knitting the foot and start the heel. But I think I may have gauged this one correctly. (And ya gotta love how you can try on a toe-up sock as you go. Definite merit there.)

Some observations: Now that I've done a toe and part of a heel of the short row/wrap & turn variety, I can say that this technique is growing on me. Not that I'm likely to give up my traditional heel flap heel, but it's got me thinking that I really need to try more new techniques, because really, they aren't going to hurt me. ;) Others I want to try are the afterthought heel (although I am fearing that it will resemble the "fun" I had when unzipping my provisional cast on for this sock, although I have gotten some great tips to try like using smaller needles to pick up the stitches). Anyway, so far I think the short rows are pretty nifty, and if I'm allowed to say so, I think I've done fairly well with my short rows considering I've never done them (on a sock) before, and my wraps are nice and tight, and as I've said it does make a nice looking edge. I do have a little trouble seeing where my wraps are on my return (that whole "knit to before last wrapped stitch" part), but I've heard that's a feature of the garter stitch as opposed to stockinette. I hear that with stockinette it's easier to see your wraps. That said, I think the garter neatly hides the wraps though. Granted, I have no point of comparison, but someday I will.

So on my list of things to try are a stockinette short row toe/heel, and the afterthought heel.

Now back to my sock!

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Laura said...

Good Job on doing the sock. That provisional must have been a bear I have heard about it everywhere!