What knitting?

Laughter is good for you, right? The giggle-so-much-your-face-aches kind, the can't-breathe-tummy-hurts kind. I couldn't knit last night. Literally. Moose had me laughing so hard at all of his kitten antics that I literally couldn't hold onto my DPNs. And that was just my gauge swatch. (Which I might have to do over since my hands were so limp I was probably not getting my true gauge.) My husband was laughing at me laughing at the cat.

The funniest was when he was sliding around on the kitchen linoleum, swatting a piece of his food around. He'd gone from swatting a noisy rattle ball, then a puffball, and then to a piece of food, which was all the more funny because we couldn't see what it was he was playing with. And then he'd lose track of that piece of food, and would wander around looking for it. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Kittens are good for the soul, I think. And man, is he quick. Seconds after he's chasing food in the kitchen, he's on the top of the sofa, with a paw on your shoulder, peering at you with his huge eyes, wanting to see what you're doing. Which brings me back to the knitting thing.

DH had stated earlier in the evening that he was going to do a little work last evening, to which I replied, oh okay, cool, I'll knit while you do that. "You will?" he asked. I said, "Huh? Yeah I'm going to knit! You're going to do work, so I'm going to knit!" thinking to myself, when has he ever had a problem with me knitting before? Then he said, "Do you think Moose is going to let you knit?" "Oh." I say. Good point. And, ya know? He was so right. Between fending Moose off my yarn and trying to get a grip on my needles through my own giggling, I didn't get any further than a tiny little gauge swatch. I don't even think that's done. I think tonight if I want to get anywhere with this sock business I'll have to go hang out with Maddie in the peaceful side of the house.

In other news, I got the awesome button in my sidebar (it's a button button, tee hee, get it?) for the STR Sock Club from here. I love it!

I also have a question about how to get one of those little calendars for my sidebar, the kind where if you write a post on a given day, that date on the calendar is a link to that post. I just like them for some reason, but I can't figure out how to get that from blogger. I did manage to figure out some other things in blogger that were puzzling me though. I am liking this new version of blogger more now. Anyway, if someone knows how/if I can put one of those calendars on a blogger blog, please let me know!

Happy Knitting to all. :o)

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Nell said...

I sent you an email about the calendar thing. Let me know if it doesn't come through.

Moose is too cute. I'd love a new kitten but I don't think my two older kitties would appreciate it.