The Knitting Moose

So. I have decided to rename my blog. Thanks to some help from my good friend Jeanne, we have come up with The Knitting Moose as the new name. How do you like it? Personally, I think it's kinda cute. :) And I'm allowed to say that since I technically didn't come up with it. I'm going to post this entry and let it sit a bit before I officially rename it. I won't be changing my colors/look or my URL (that'll still be carrieknitting.blogspot) so hopefully that will keep things less confusing in case anyone has linked to me or added me to their reader/bloglines thingy (ha! as if...I'm probably dreaming there). Anyway, I'll add the following picture to my sidebar since I can't change the header on this blog:

Hee. Isn't that cute? My friend Jeanne drew it, and then I tweaked it a tad, so it was a friendly collaborative effort.

I've also already changed the teeny picture that goes with my "about" profile.

So...if you've become a regular reader, thanks!! And please come back! And I hope you won't lose track of me if I change the name. :)


Nell said...

I like the new name! It's cute.

Laura said...

Cute! We won't loose you!