Pink and Purple Socks

Another FO! I finished some more socks. These were my plain, take-along-project that I had on the needles, since you have to have something mindless to knit while watching TV, riding in the car etc., right? Anyway, they're done, which is kind of a good thing as I've had them going for a long time, and I was kind of getting bored by them, even though I love the colors.

These socks were knit in Knit Picks Dancing, which I think they may be phasing out as they only have a color or two left and they've been on sale for quite some time. The yarn has elastic in it, which has made some comfy socks! I am quite pleased with them. I just used my basic plain sock pattern, top down, nothing fancy. The color pooled and did its wonky thing, but I like them.

My project specs can be found here.


Laura said...

I like them too!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty socks.

Boy, you can't beat KNITPICKS for the pricing on their sock yarns. Mine have worn very well.