Gone to the Beach

Leaving for a week at the shore, and I can’t wait! We’ll get to see my brothers and other family types, and relax for a week at the beach. Can. Not. Wait. :)

I’ve done a lot of my prep work so that there’s less to do chore-wise once we’re there…I made chicken chili for our night’s dinner (everyone does dinner one night dinner so it’s fair), and I have the stuff ready to make cornbread (homemade), then I’ll make a salad and I’m thinking of making some raspberry sauce to go on ice cream for dessert. Oh, and I always make this wildly popular taco dip that everyone loves, so I’ll do that again too.

I have of course done the requisite amount of planning for what knitting I am taking. I’ll definitely take my Solstice Slip socks, I’m on the leg of the first sock now. Sorry, no photos. I have run out of time with the packing and all, but I promise to post a photo when I get back.

I can now officially say that I LOVE this pattern! When I slipped it on my foot it seemed to fit perfectly…nice and snug. (This of course after its little dip in the frog pond, but it was worth it!) I can see myself making another pair of these, that’s for sure. Especially now that I’ve got it all sorted out with the sizing and number of rows to fit.

I’m also going to take my Fuchsia Lace Scarf, which is a very fun one to knit. (No new WIP photos as it really isn’t that much farther along, just imagine this one a little longer! :) And here’s the one I took where it’s stretched out a little and you can see the pattern better.) I think I’ve mentioned before, this is a relatively easy lace pattern, but at the same time just complex enough that it requires some attention so it’s entertaining all by itself. I know I’ve mentioned this before also, but this is a really awesome scarf pattern, and I’d highly recommend it. (Links on my sidebar.)

Even though I think those two projects will suffice, I am trying to decide if I want to bring along my other sock project, the plain gray Trekking socks. I might do that so I have some completely mindless stockinette knitting which I can do and still carry on an intelligent conversation.

Lastly I am taking the Harry Potter #7 book which I am about two chapters into. I’ve sort of been saving it for this trip, since it’ll make great beach reading. I don’t tend to take my knitting to the beach, even though I’m often tempted. I guess I’d just rather be clean and free of sand and salt spray for knitting! That’s why I love knitting after all. A nice, clean craft. I quickly lose patience with paints or stamps or other messy things. Soft and clean works for me.

So, I probably won’t be posting until I get back (last year at the rental house there was a weak wireless signal we were able to pick up, but you had to lean off the edge of the balcony to get it. No thanks!) so until then, have a nice week and I’m off to knit and read Harry Potter under the beach umbrella!

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Have a great vacation!