Here’s proof that I really did finish the second installment of the Rockin’ Sock Club. Here are my completed Knee High to a Grasshopper socks in Silkie Socks that Rock yarn, Walking on the Wild Tide colorway (wow, those are long names, huh?!).

As I mentioned, I finished sock #2 on our camping trip. It was the perfect thing to bring along since I already knew what I needed to do having already completed the first sock, and it didn’t require a lot of notions and tools, and I knew what ones I would need to bring along. With camping, I didn’t want to be bringing a ton of extra stuff that I didn’t need (not that knitting notions take up all that much room, but still). I also wanted to pack carefully so nothing got lost or broken.

I like them! They fit nicely and even though they’re lacy I can tell they’ll be warm, at least they sure were when I did this little photo shoot. (We won’t mention the little detail that it’s currently summer and all...) See this page for the specs on these.

Now I can begin the next pair, Solstice Slip. I wound the skein and am ready to get started.


Dee said...

I like that name for the color. Your socks turned out very pretty. Now if it would only get cool enought to wear socks!

Tanya said...

I feel I am so behind on commenting on blogs!!

Very nice Grasshoppers! I'm glad you, too, had success with these. I was beginning to think I was one of the only ones who not only did the pattern but liked it, too!!