Solstice Slip Started

On to the June kit! I finally started the June Rockin' Sock Club kit. And so far I love it! The colors are gorgeous, and I am enjoying the pattern too. Here's the skein of yarn:

It ranges from a magenta to red to an orange and a light pink...and everything in between. The color name is Firebird. Aptly named, I think!

Here it is wound into a ball. I love seeing how yarns look when they're wound up too.

This is my sock-in-progress:

I'm actually a little farther along than this picture shows, but this is what I've gotten around to taking a photo of. ;) The pattern is fun. I've seen various photos, and I think I like it better than I'd mentally pictured it. It's a neat variation on a 2x3 rib. And since it's a rib, it's nice and stretchy. I've tried it on my foot and so far I think it's going to be great.

The sole is done in stockinette, and the yarn is behaving with a sort of randomness that I like, even though more of the magenta is on one side, and the reds are on the other. But I really like it.

So far with these sock club patterns I have learned a few new techniques. These haven't taught me anything new yet, other than the pattern itself, but they did give me the opportunity to try the provisional cast on again. Yes, it's true! I voluntarily did the provisional cast on! See, this pattern gives you the option to do them either top down or toe up. I chose toe up, since I've been enjoying that type now. Anyway, I have to admit, the provisional cast on went much smoother this time. I no longer fear it like I once did. Granted, it still takes about 15 minutes of good light and undivided attention, but I can live with that.

One other thing I've learned from this club is that I really do like this Socks That Rock yarn. Even though it has a tendency to twist something fierce as I knit, it's really great yarn. I feel like it's sturdy, and not going to wear out minutes after I put the sock on. Some sock yarns make me feel like they might do that. This stuff is so soft and yet it has, I don't know, substance. I also have decided I like the lightweight yarn.

Back to my knitting! One of these days I'll post about my latest new yarn acquisitions! :)


Lynn said...

Yay for getting better at the provisional cast on. I love these socks and almost (note the almost) can't wait for the cold to wear them.

And you have YARN you haven't shared?
Tsk tsk ;)

Dee said...

Very pretty. These socks look like they'll be nice and squishy.

jen said...

i think your blog eats my comments

Tanya said...

How do you find the switching of the stitches? I found a good way to do the 1/2 RC...I knit up to the 3 that are about to do the acrobatic move. I insert my right needle(RN) into the front leg of the stitch that has previously been slipped (3rd from the right on the left needle(LN)) and knit it without removing it or the other 2 stitches. Then I move over to stitch #1 on the LN and knit it off, then knit off #2 and then just let #3 slip off the LN (it was previously knitted in the first step). Does this make sense? Anyway, I didn't have any problem with the 1/2 LC but I would sometimes struggle not to drop the 1/2 RC (I was doing this sans cable needle).
Anywho...great looking sock!