Yummy Yarn

As Lynn kindly and so rightly reminded me in a comment on my last post, this love of fiber many of us have in common? Much more fun when you share. :) So here we go.

I recently purchased a kit for a fair isle hat that I could not resist. It's from KnitWhits, and it's called the Siena Hat (in cotton), in the Napa colorway. It came in this adorable tube:

I'm excited to learn how to do that braided edge, which I think looks cool. Here's the yarn, all wound into little mini cakes and stuffed in the tube:

As it turns out, the colors actually will go very well with my winter ski coat, a nice bonus! That dark eggplant color at the top is exactly the same color as the main part of my coat. I already made a hat to go with my coat, but I figure, what's wrong with having another? :)

Then on a recent trip to my favorite LYS, (a treat I give myself after I go to the dentist, since the shop is on my way home and I'm early enough to get there before they close!), I found some pretty turquoise yarn that I want to use to make the scarf Branching Out from Knitty. It's almost solid but not quite, so I figure it'll be good for a lace pattern.

I also purchased the sock pattern book by Interweave, Favorite Socks. So then I got some plain sock yarn to use for some of the fun patterns in there. This is some Fortissima Socka, and I actually used that and started one of the patterns in the book, but found this yarn to be a tad harsh, even though it feels soft in the ball. I think I'll use it for a simpler pattern (there's one for ribbed socks with a little cable up the side) that might suit this yarn better.

Then since I just had to get some more plain yarn to make socks with patterns (most of my yarn is multicolored), I ordered some stuff from Simply Socks Yarn Company.

Here is some Cherry Tree Hill solid, in Mulberry:

I've never tried CTH so I will enjoy seeing what that's like.

Then I decided to see what the buzz is all about and got some Dream in Color Smooshy yarn. hee. I find the name amusing! I believe the colorway is called Wisterious. It's gorgeous. It has multiple colors but is still tame enough that I think I can get away with doing a patterned sock as well.

And last but not least, I got some OnLine sock yarn, which was on sale. I believe the color is 839.

And now, because it's been far too long since I've shared a photo of our little friend Moose, here he is snoozin' in his favorite spot, quite the definition of "comfy" if you ask me:

p.s.--as I sit here typing this, my DH is pointing at my yarn, and saying to Moose, "Yarn! Yarn here!" Huh! Whose side is he on, anyway?!


Lynn said...

You have to tell me what you think of the Smooshy. Cherry Tree is on my Stitches list. Thanks for the show and tell, plus I'd never seen that website/store.

Yarn yarn!

Can't wait to see how the kit comes out too. Way cute.

I'm getting so excited about Stitches! Yarn overload on Friday! Whoot!

Nell said...

Moose looks tuckered out! What a cutie!

Dee said...

Yowza --that is quite a yarn haul!
Good shopping!

gypsyknits said...

WOW! You must have been a good dental patient to treat yourself so well. Good for you! The yarn is wonderful. Enjoy!
Moose is cute!

marycatharine said...

Those skeins are all so beautiful, I wish I hadn't made a knit from my stash vow whenever I see great yarn like yours pop up. Have fun knitting it all up.