I gots nuthin'

Hi. Just checking in to say hi, since I know I haven't posted in a while. I've got nuthin' for you today, other than a wordy edition of my current WIP status, and some potential plans for Christmas knitting.

First, the WIPs. I have updated my sidebar with my current projects. The observant among you might notice I've snuck yet another thing in there. I had mentioned a while back that I was tempted by this blanket I'd seen the pattern for. Well one night we were out for dinner at a tex mex place in a shopping center with a Michael's, and my sweet husband agreed to follow me in to look for this yarn while we waited for our table to be ready. I decided that if I was able to find at least some of the ten different colors needed that I'd consider getting them and making the blanket. Well, much to my surprise, I found all ten!! So, I got them. Anyway, I started it and, no photos because I am a loser, but I'm on the third block. It's constructed in four vertical panels of five blocks each. The solid colors are done in a pretty star pattern stitch and the stripes are stockinette. So far I really like it, perfect for TV knitting and it's nice and soft. This is the pattern:

Ahem. Yes. Like I needed to start another project. But at least I'm admitting to it, right?! I mean, I could just not mention it here, and you guys wouldn't be any the wiser. ;o) Anyway, the reason I wanted to start it sooner rather than later is because of Moose. See, I have a lovely afghan I'd made last winter which I adore, but, it has fringe. And Moose likes fringe. But I don't like that Moose likes fringe. So it's a hassle to try and tuck the fringe in when you use it. So I thought, why not go for a fringeless blanket to have around? So that's the plan.

Other WIPs are either sitting quietly and patiently waiting for me to return to them, or are being worked on in fits and starts. I have been doing a little work on the Feathery Lace Stole here and there.

However...there's more. I may have to set aside all of these projects in favor of some Christmas knitting. I don't normally do a ton of Christmas knitting, but I came up with an idea this year. I probably shouldn't admit to this one here or I'll feel committed to it, but this morning an idea came to me. Do you think I can make 7 rather simple hats by Christmas? I'm sure I can. Right? I am thinking of these for my in-laws...mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, and then our two nieces and nephew. As you know I'm already making a hat for my husband (more on that soon...I revamped my colorwork design and I like it better now) so I could have one for everyone who'll be there. My husband has two other siblings but a) they live in California and don't really need winter hats, and b) they won't be here for Christmas because that's the sister-in-law who's having the baby soon for whom I made the sweater and booties. We'll just be sending their gifts this year. But a frequent theme with the family is, say, all the girls get the same thing, all the guys get the same thing, or every couple gets the same little gift, and it's fun that way. So I thought, everyone could get a hat. We'll see. Like I said, I probably shouldn't have mentioned it here yet!

That's it from here for now. If I don't post again before Thursday, I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Too Little Time said...

Hats are quick and easy with the right pattern. I made a batch last year for all the men in our family (6 I think) and they were great, I could get one done in an evening or two depending on how much knitting time I had. Good Luck - Karrie

gypsyknits said...

Hats are easy. You shouldn't have any problem with that although you will have to put down your new (ahem)started project........LOL.....get busy girl, you have a lot of hats to make........where's those knitting fairies when you need them?