Coming clean

Okey dokey. So...this is the post where I am coming clean and owning up to all those WIPs in the sidebar... There are lots of them!! Even for me that's a bit excessive. Please don't judge me! Yarn and needles and projects just suck me right in with their clever wiles...

But here's the thing...I am the kind of person who gets themselves all in a tizzy if I have too much going on, and especially if it's not organized. I like to be organized and have my stuff organized too...and my knitting WIPs fall into this as well. And right now, with my recent rash of casting on new things, I am feeling a tad frazzled. So that 9 WIP total is going to change. And soon.

And I'd just like to point out here...I feel I am being very honest in disclosing every one of my WIPs!! I mean, you wouldn't be any the wiser if I didn't want to tell you, right? heh. ;) But I am telling all to you, my knitterly friends. :)

I also feel that if I write it all out here, that will somehow help me feel more organized, and justify all my WIPs! You know, put in writing what's been in my head. So this is as much for me as you. (You guys probably don't care about the details though, so I hope I'm not boring all of you!)

So here goes (yes, you've seen these photos before, sorry, but I wanted to provide illustrations to make this list more palatable!).


Fuchsia Lace Scarf ~ I'd like to finish this one soon, so I can use it this season, and since it's been a WIP for a long time! But it's not a quick knit, by any means. First off, it has that Endless Scarf Syndrome working against it, and second, while not a terribly difficult lace pattern, it's still lace and requires me to be paying attention. It's a really fun knit though. It's also farther along than this photo shows, but, well, just imagine this a little longer and you're good. ;)



Colored Blocks Throw ~ another I'd like to finish sooner rather than later, so I can use it. Yes, I'm aware this currently looks like a scarf. This part, panel 1 of 4, is done now, and panel 2 is in the works.



Fall Embossed Leaves Socks ~ these I don't feel as much pressure about, since they're really for fall. I figure if I leave these till next summer there's truly nothing wrong with that, especially since socks are such great summertime projects.



Plain gray Trekking socks ~ these are going to be frogged. I'm just not happy with my gauge/sizing and this is already the second try...so they'll be frogged and the yarn set aside for when I have a better attitude about it!



Blue scarf with beads ~ this too will be frogged. It was a Christmas present from my sister-in-law, and I love it. However, I don't really like how the beads look with this yarn, I think lighter beads with this yarn, and then darker yarn for these beads would make me happier. And since this one isn't making me happy, I'm going to frog it. Even though a little part of me feels guilty since it was such a nice gift and I was so excited to receive it (I cast on the day I received it!), but, it's not like I'm getting rid of it, or swearing off of it forever, right?!



The Pink Thing (circular scarf) ~ this is one of those projects that I'll be fine with leaving as WIP for as long as necessary...I always need to have one of these simple, mindless projects I can just knit and knit; bonus if it's portable.



DH's hat and mittens ~ these must be finished by early March for DH's birthday. The hat is done as well as more than half of the first mitten. Slow going with him around, but I'm managing to find time. (Sorry, no photo of the mitten yet...I need to be stealthy about that one! Just use your knitterly imaginations to picture a mitten that matches this hat.)



Twinkle Toes Socks ~ I want to finish these very soon so I can wear them! I'm on the foot of the second sock, so these will be done shortly.



Raspberries and Cream Hat ~ this one is actually done! F.O. photos coming soon.



So there you have it...all out in the open. I'm sure most of you will agree, that's a lot of WIPs!! I definitely suffer from a severe case of Startitis. ;) I do intend to get myself organized, but I also have a couple of other things I want to start and finish very soon as well...we might be going skiing in February or March, and I have to finish DH's mittens by then...and I have a kit for a cute hat (Siena) I wanted to make before then too (since it'll go pretty well with my ski jacket), although we'll see how my timing works and whether or not that deadline will be feasible, I might just start it and if not done, take it along on the trip, and if I finish, great! And I thought the cute bag kit I mentioned in this post would be fun to use for Valentine's Day, so that one's up next. :)

Also right now I'm in love with making hats...I see more of those in my near future as well! I mean, it is winter after all! I really want to make Koolhaas and Foliage, and I'd like some sort of black hat too. Then there are the popular sock patterns I've never tried...Monkey, Jaywalker...can you tell I'm a little behind the times on the current knitting trends? ;) And not to mention Anemoi mittens, for which I already have the pattern and yarn. So many pretty things I want to knit!

Whew! That felt good! Still a little overhwhelmed, but I do feel a bit better now. Off to go knit!


Lynn said...

It's not that bad!

2 to be frogged

2 Almost FOs with a deadline
twinkle toes

1 Actual FO

So the real number is a tame -
4 undetermined timeline WIPs
embossed leaves socks
pink thing

Relax :)

Nell said...

I love the knitterly math!

It's really not that bad. But just work your way through them slowly. You definitely have variety. So you won't get bored!

Too Little Time said...

Lynn is right, its not so bad. Sometimes (me too) its best to list things, organizes your thinking and gives a to do list that you can see what is 1st, 2nd, etc. I bet we start seeing FO's wizzing onto your blog =) K

Anonymous said...

Oh, pish posh! That's nothing! You'll knock all those out in no time!