Raspberries and Cream

First off...you guys are awesome!! To all my loyal readers and commenters...you made me feel much better about my WIPs! :) There I was, holding my breath when I went to read my comments, and not one of you made fun of all my long list! Thanks! I was afraid I'd get comments like "NINE?! gee, whatsa matter with you, can't you concentrate on ANYTHING? I mean, commit already!!" heh. But no. You had nothing but nice things to say. :)

I suppose it's true...not so bad really. Every now and then I really try and keep things under control...but then I get so excited about starting something else, and I just go for it. Especially those little projects like hats and mittens, they're so quick if you really apply yourself. Even though I love the process of knitting, there's something to be said for quick projects. And who doesn't love a new hat you can use right now?

Which brings me to...my FO: The hat I am calling "Raspberries and Cream"...to me that's what it looks like. Does anyone remember those Life Savers candy lollipops...they looked just like the traditional Life Savers candy, but they were bigger and on a stick...and they came in creamy flavors like strawberry cream...and they were usually mostly white and a little red/pink...well anyway, that's what this hat makes me think of. (Do they still sell those? I haven't seen them for ages. I tried googling them but didn't find any like what I am thinking of. They did have the hole in the middle just like the small candies.)

Anyway, back to the knitting...this yarn had great variations of thickness in it, it would go from a super bulky down to a fingering weight or less...which really added a lot of texture to the hat. I love too how the colors didn't pool at all, and remained very consistently random (heh!) throughout.


Specs on the project:

Pattern: basic roll-brim hat
Needles used: size 7
Yarn: Rio de la Plata
Color: Begonia Pink
Amount used: most of one skein
Started: 1/2/08
Finished: 1/17/08


Lynn said...

One down!

And I remember those lollipops! The colors are really alike. :)

Too Little Time said...

Very Pretty - and YEAH you can mark another project off your list! I might make a sidebar list myself - quite a committment though =) K

Anonymous said...

What a cute hat! That certainly would make a dreary northern day much more colorful and warm.

I don't have a whole lot of WIP's, but my stash --- hoochie mama --- there's a lot of that hanging around.

Anonymous said...

We are always tougher on ourselves, right?

I LOVE THOSE CANDIES!! I want some now!

Love the hat!

Nell said...

It looks so cute! And it totally looks like those candies!

peaknits said...

What a great hat - the yarn is simply amazing, and nearly edible too!