It's not a secret that I tend to get distracted from my main projects by the charms of knitting and various other craft projects from time to time...as was evidenced by my recent lengthy list of WIPs...heh. I just can't help myself! ;)

I was once again sidetracked by a small project (in my mind, small project = justifiable!) and made this:


I am totally charmed by the tiny sweater. I've seen them around the 'net, and have wanted to make one for some time, and finally got around to it. I figure this will be a fun way to use up bits of favorite sock yarns.

Some of you may recognize this particular yarn...that's a bit of my leftover Silkie Socks That Rock yarn from last year's April installment of the Rockin' Sock Club (Grasshopper socks, colorway: Walking on the Wild Tide).

Then I made a teeny little hanger out of some plastic covered wire. Since the wire wasn't that thick a gauge I twisted two pieces together.



Here it is hanging...(it's on a teeny little light switch on our oven). I think it'll make a cute Christmas ornament.


Now on to the non-knitting content!


Last weekend my friend came over and instead of watching the superbowl, we did crafty things! First, we went to the local craft/fabric store and perused the button aisle for a good long while. She has some of her own craft plans for buttons and that was what brought us there in the first place...but as I was admiring the fun and funky big buttons, an idea came to my head. Wouldn't it be fun to make pins/brooches out of them? I mentioned this to my friend...turns out she'd had the same idea but didn't know where to find the pin backs. So off I went to the beading aisle and found a few sizes of them, and brought them back to show her. We excitedly agreed to split the bags of them between us, and got to down to business choosing our buttons.


After we did so, we headed back to my place where I dug out my selection of embroidery floss which I have apparently been "collecting" since I was a kid...boy do I have a lot of colors! This project only needed a tiny amount of floss for each pin. So this came in very handy indeed, as we were able to choose just the right colors for our buttons, and within minutes, we turned them into pins. Talk about instant gratification! It was an extremely satisfying project.


All of the above pins were the ones I made, and here are some my friend made:


Aren't they fun? I've been pinning them to my coat and switching them off all week.

Okay, now I need to get back to my knitting...I am making a couple of little Valentine surprises for friends (I can't mention them here yet because my one friend checks the blog now and then) and I also need to finish my sparkly pink bag by Friday, when we are going to to dinner for Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

The button pins are adorable!

I love the little sweater. That is a beautiful color.

I spent the afternoon mostly organizing my stitching basket and separating floss for my next stitching project.

Now, I guess I have NO excuse for not getting my stitching/knitting done.

peaknits said...

Love, love that sweet little sweater! I need to use up my extra sock yarn for these! The pins are cute too - nice idea!

Nell said...

OMG- I'm totally into the little sweaters as Christmas ornaments. I'm going to use my leftover sock yarns to commemorate each project. Either that or little socks.

Lynn said...

The sweater is adorable! I have tons of odds and ends from socks around. I really need to try one. What pattern did you use?

The button pins are such a great idea. There are so many fun buttons around, but how often do you really use them?

Too Little Time said...

HOW FUN! Love the little sweater, I want to try some, just haven't gotten that far yet - figure all that miniture stuff will be great for the camper when I want to see progress and all.

Great idea on the buttons. Michales also has all those cool buttons that are theamed, which would make great pins also.

Enjoy - K

Knitting Kris said...

I've wanted to try the little sweaters/socks too for ornaments! Great job! The pins are funky too!