Miscellaneous updates

I finally have some photos to share. I've been busy knitting and sewing up my bear and boy do I have photos to share. :) I finished my Whidbey the Bear but he deserves his own post, so first I'll get to my other stuff.

I finished the first of my Summer of Love Lace socks. I LOVE it! It fits perfectly, and I love this pattern, and how the colors did their almost-striping thing.

Here it is, with the inside of the cuff showing:


And this is the outside of the cuff with the little split:


Now it's on to sock #2! I now also only have two WIPs...I can't believe it! Two pairs of socks...this pair and my Pink Flamingo socks. It's kind of nice and refreshing! Although, I am now debating whether I want to start another Big Project...but the one I have in mind would be a Very Big Project. So we'll see. I'm tempted, but a part of me is afraid to start something I know is going to take forever to finish. Then again, it's something I'd like to have. What is it, you might wonder? A shawl. Specifically, the Print O' The Wave Stole.

This is the yarn I have already, which is partly why I am thinking of choosing this pattern, because I think it would go well together. And that way I'm using stash yarn too. I do have other shawls/wraps that are on my list of things I'd like to knit, but I think that I really ought to use stash yarn first!




I love the color of this yarn. When you look closely you can see it's made up of various colors...blues and greens and a lighter green, but the overall effect is such a pretty turquoise!

And here's my swatch (look, I even pinned it out for the picture!):


I am normally not much of a swatch person (I know, I know) but this one I needed to do because I don't have any circular needles smaller than size 4 and I will need to order some, and needed to decide what size to get. I did this on size 3's, and I like it. From what I've read on this pattern, it can end up being really huge, so I don't want to go up a size needle to make it any bigger.

I think this will be a fun and challenging project! I like that it's done in separate sections, so even though it'll still be a ton of knitting, it might seem better if there are stages to it. (At least that's what I'm telling myself!)

Back soon with a post all about my bear. :o)


Anonymous said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL swatch. I can't wait to see what the shawl looks like finished!!! It will be awesome.

peaknits said...

The socks are awesome! And that stole will be a stunner - so glad you are making it, so I can watch - it's in my queue!:) The yarn is a perfect choice!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the socks! Great job!

Nell said...

That turquoise yarn is so pretty!

Cast on! It'll be so fun for me to watch. And we all know, it's all about me. ;)