Busy bee

I'm still here!  The weekend got away from me without much time for a reading blogs let alone a post.  But it was a good weekend...full of house chores and stuff that left me feeling like I had accomplished something.  Lots of laundry, a good housecleaning, yardwork...mowing the lawn, cleaning gutters (okay DH did that) but I got up on the ladder and scrubbed some of that green stuff off some of the roof shingles...went for a 15-mile bike ride and even did some sorting through a closet and throwing out of some old stuff...felt great!  Inspires me to do more.  So yeah, great weekend, accomplished a lot, and it felt good.
I have been knitting quite a lot of my Summer of Love Lace sock.  I'd started a post the other day which I had all ready to go with some photos but those are now very out of date as I am past the heel and gusset and onto the foot now.  Totally loving this sock though...yarn and pattern alike.
Sorry for no photos but I will leave you with a Moose story.  This morning before I was completely awake, my husband was up and first noticed a tissue on the floor...have I told you that Moose likes to eat paper?  Just about any kind...tissues, napkins, paper towels, mail...whatever's around, it's all good.  Anyway, he'd munched on a bit of that tissue sometime during the night.  heh.  This is nothing new though, he frequently does this.  But the funnier part was when my husband wandered to my side of the room, and asked "What's all that stuff on the floor?"  I peered over and started laughing because I knew instantly what was going on...our lovable little Laundry Thief is back!  I spotted three things that had just last evening been hanging on the drying rack: two of my handknit socks (both Twinkle Toes, actually) and...get this...one of my, um...undergarments.  HA!  I giggled and told my husband I'd have loved to have seen Moose dragging that into the room!!


gypsyknits said...

Wise move on cleaning those gutters.....(wink, wink)or one could have a leaking ceiling..LOL

peaknits said...

Oh too funny about Moose - one of my cats does unmentionable things with my daughter's stuffed animals - it's just wrong - but a good laugh:)

Anonymous said...

I hope he didn't chew up your socks. Undergarments can be replaced, but hand knit socks --- chewing those is just criminal!

Nell said...

I have a funny story about a boy, his dog, and my underwear. But that was a long time ago and not for public consumption.

ANYWAY... I need to do some serious cleaning this week. (my days off are wacky at the moment)