Not again...

Moose is crazy. There's just no other way to describe him. First off, remember this? Well, he did it again. Twice. I came home the other day and found this, again:

That was Wednesday, I think. Then last night, I found a similar scene upon arriving home. (No photo of that, just imagine an almost identical copy of the above photo.) He's nuts, that cat. Nuts, nuts, nuts. Neither of our other cats were this crazy as kittens, I'll tell ya that.

He also has to "help" with everything, and he follows us all around the house. So we have to be careful we don't close him in cupboards and closets because as soon as you open one, he's in it. Case in point, we have a pantry closet that also holds the microwave and the recycling, which means it gets opened a lot. I had a paper shopping bag with handles (like the kind you'd get at the mall) in which I was putting our paper recycling. Well, the other day Moose got in there and was crinkling around in the bag, and I got fed up with trying to remove him again so I left the door open. He played in there, was having a ball, and then suddenly I heard ripping paper, and this flew out of the closet:

He'd gotten himself stuck through the handle and then ripped it off the bag trying to get away, presumably. tee hee. He was fine. Not much scares him, actually. So far the only thing we've found that makes him get away from something is a well-aimed stream from a squirt bottle of water.

Although he likes water too...last night my husband somehow managed to splash a fair amount of water on the kitchen floor, and Moose stopped what he was doing to go investigate. Of course, what does my goofy husband do? He picks up Moose in order to bring him over to me, but first he dips Moose's paws in the water, so as to make sure I get some very wet paws on me. Goofball.

We decided to let Moose loose (tee hee, Moose loose) last night for sleeping (don't ask me what made us do this). Lately, since Maddie's been a little under the weather, we've been keeping Trouble Moose in the family room so Maddie could have some peace. Since she's been better, we've been letting Trouble Moose out. Last night my husband declared we should let him out overnight. Good idea, hon. Around 4 am I awoke to a purring (yes, purring...he's so much trouble but so darn cute!!) kitten standing on me, licking my chin, chewing on my hands, etc. etc. This has been the same story any of the other nights we've let him out. Around 5 am he had decided he was totally done sleeping, and proceeded to run around the room, knocking things over, scooching stuff off the dresser, climbing the curtains, and chasing Maddie around and making her growl at him.

That's my other concern. Maddie does not like Moose. I know she never really liked our other cat either, but they tolerated each other, probably because he was older and more, um, reserved. I know Moose will eventually calm down, but Maddie sure has been giving him the what-for anytime he gets near her. There have been a few scuffles, and I am somewhat afraid to leave them alone together. If they're not in the same room together, they're okay. So, I am trying not to worry about this and doubt our decisions. When it comes to anything at all, I am really good at those two things...worrying and doubting myself.

Some Trivia

I learned a new word this morning: paraskavedekatriaphobia. Isn't that a fun one?! All 23 letters of it, too. Fear of Friday the 13th, is what it means. Not to be confused with triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number 13.

A Funny

My friend just sent me a link to this article about a cat in England who rides the bus, and then I clicked on something inadvertently and found this one, about cats who go for a walk. Cute. :)


Laura said...

I love the picture of Moose stuck in the handle. Cats are hysterical! Thanks for the trivia.:)

Anonymous said...

We had a cat that did the same thing, Turn the Toilet paper roll around. That way it won't unravel as they play with it. I still do Even though I don't have cats.( I keep hearing my dad's voice telling me how to put the roll on)
Tami in CT

Carrie said...

Okay, Moose may be crazy, but he's so cute! Good thing he wiggled his way out of that bag. I'm smiling at the thought that you have to work hard to not shut him into cupboards. HeeHee.