One down, one to go

Last night I finished my first Inside Out sock. I like it, I think. (One might notice a slight bit less enthusiasm than previously exhibited.) I had gone up a needle size (to size 2's) for the leg portion. One benefit of being a little slow on the knitting uptake and reading all of the other blogs is that I was able to glean all sorts of information from others' trials and errors. So I already knew that I'd have to go up a size in order to be able to fit it over my heel.

Sure enough, it was still pretty tight going over the heel. I tried it on midway along to see how much farther I needed to go, and to weigh the whole thing with the rest of the ball on my little kitchen scale to determine where halfway through the yarn was going to be so I knew when to stop. I determined I could continue and do another repeat of the cable before I cast off. It's a nice length now.

I had previously exclaimed after having completed the heel that the foot portion of the sock fit perfectly, but now I am changing my tune ever so slightly. I think it's a tad too long. I mean, if fits if I pull up on the leg part, but I'm not sure what it'll do when I walk in it.

So the question of the hour is this: Do I want to rip all the way back to the leg, shorten the foot, and redo the leg in still larger needles? I don't know. I guess I have to decide if I am happy enough with them as they are. I think I can live with both issues, since they're both small ones. It's tight but I can get it over my heel, and the foot is really only slightly too long. It's not as if I will never wear them this way. I am a perfectionist when it comes to many things, knitting included. I end up in a bit of a quandary when I am not 100% happy with something, because a part of me wants it done right, but another part of me is too lazy to redo it!

I think I might take a small break from these socks and pick up something else for a little. I wanted to get them done before the next kit arrived, but I just think these need a little Time-Out for a while!


Dee said...

A little time out can be a good thing. It definitely gives a little perspective.

Laura said...

I agree with Dee sometimes a time out is a good thing.

Jennifer said...

As for the tightness over the heel, I find that the socks I knitted (all 1 pairs so far) have loosened up over time. IF the problem is a too tight cast-off, you can take that out and do a sewn cast-off. Cookie A demonstrated it this week on Knitty Gritty (and that pattern is online at www.diynetwork.com).

As for length, how much too long are they? If they are more than 1/4" too long after wearing for a couple of hours, you might want to redo. Depends on how you will wear them and with what. The socks I knit (from the top down) I had to take out the toe 2 times to get the right length.